The mission of Bola na Rede (Ball in the Net) is to join forces in coping with the situation of sexual violence against children and adolescents, educate and mobilize society, create a culture of prevention and protection of rights, and encourage participation of youth and society.


We exist to promote strategic action from 2011-2016 to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism. Phase 1 mobilized the 12 capitals hosting the 2014 World Cup, now, in Phase 2, our focus is work in partnership with networks, civil organizations, human rights organization, and evangelical churches in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) e Fortaleza (CE), the two brazilian cities that receive the most foreign tourists.

Our history – Bola na Rede “Ball in the Net” movement was born in 2010 during the 5th National Conference of the National Evangelical Network of Social Action (RENAS) in Recife, Brazil. The theme of the national conference was, ” Transforming Society through the Local Church” and participants set out to develop concrete action steps to help people living in poverty and misery. It was agreed that one of the the biggest needs was to mobilize the Brazilian church and society to address sexual violence against children and adolescents. From this, the “Ball in the Net – A goal for the rights of children and adolescents” movement  was established to specifically confront the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism in Brazil.

In 2011 member organizations of RENAS signed the following pact:

For the Protection of Children and Adolescents

We, the affiliated organizations and participants of RENAS, (The National Evangelical Social Action Network) meeting in São Paulo from March 21-23, 2011, found peace in signing this pact and covenant before God and men, in favor of the protection of children and adolescents, to fight against sexual violence in this great country.

Considering that :

  • Statistics from the World Health Organization show that there are staggering and alarming rates of children and adolescents suffering from sexual abuse and exploitation in the world

  • Most of these children or adolescents suffer from abuse at home

  • Sexual violence is a sin, an affront to human dignity and to God, who loves man created in his image and likeness

  • We are organizations with human, technical, and financial resources to deal with the issue

  • God heard the cry / cries of these children

We Commit to :

  • Search the discernment of God’s will, his power, and intervention

  • Develop studies on this issue to seek the causes and consequences, and to propose interventions, actions, and partnerships

  • Present the work of organizations that offer preventative support and relief

  • Collaborate with other existing leaders in Brazil to strengthen the safety net for children and adolescents

  • Mobilize churches, and other organizations and movements to act as a voice and prophetic action denouncing sin. And with the pastoral vocation, care for the wounded and victimized by creating spaces for reception and shelter

  • Give voice to the oppressed and exploited so that they can defend themselves

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